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We proudly carry Kindman Premium Cannabis. Kindman grows cannabis with unmatched quality..

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We proudly carry O.Pen Vape made with Kindman Premium Cannabis.

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Large selections of Colorado's best edibles and topicals.

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Producing high-quality wax and shatter to meet all of your dabbing needs

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The Grass Station offers quality-tested products hat conform to state and local regulations...

Alchemy Dispensary

Alchemy Dispensary is the premier medicinal marijuana dispensary in all Los Angeles. Alchemy only has the highest grade, lab tested medical marijuana. Alchemy was designed with the end patient in mind. Alchemy provides a quality atmosphere, a wide product range as well as a knowledgeable staff to answer any and all of your questions. We welcome walk ins and new patients. All new patients will receive a free gift as well as a new patient discount. Thank you for trusting Alchemy with your Medical Marijuana care. 

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